Welcome to episode 100! I truly couldn’t do this without you and I’m so glad you’re here! Honestly, I can’t do this without you and am so grateful that you’re here.

Episode 100 yall! To celebrate episode 100 Today on the Soul School podcasts, I talk with
Donte Quinine, a Tedx speaker, life coach and yoga leader about spirituality and racial injustice.

As a yoga instructor and spiritual teacher, his intention is to help people awaken to their own spirit and potential that he believes exists within everyone.

I know you’re going to love hearing his eloquent words as much as I do as he shares that, yes, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, but not each human is having the same human experience because of the color of their skin.

Donte shares how we all can show up better for the Black community and anyone who has been oppressed through the following ways:

Let go of judgment of what’s right or wrong or what we know to be true, and instead being curious to inquire, explore and seek the truth.
Ask ourselves deeper questions so we can receive deeper answers.
Be honest. Tell the whole truth, not just the partial truth that is safe and feels good.
Look within to see where you are responsible.

His hope is that we no longer have to have difficult conversations around race inequality because there is no longer a conversation necessary around injustice… His hope is that these are all events in our history books and we can truly meet equally, spirit to spirit.

Donte invites you to get quiet, get curious, be honest and ask deeper questions about what triggers you to receive deeper answers. Welcome to Soul School.

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