The Greatest Gift – Lessons I learned from Birth and Death

I was never an athlete. In fact, I remember in third grade, on run day in P.E. class, I would deliberately talk to the P.E. coach to distract him until everyone had jogged halfway around the…

What do you need RIGHT NOW?

  I have to be honest. I’ve been feeling really low, like reeeeally low… uninspiring, unheard, unseen, unhelpful, not important. Woah, yeah, those are BIG words. I’m not looking for sympathy, just trying to be honest. When I can’t make

How did you find YOGA?

They say that if you DON'T want to change, don't do yoga. Do you remember that moment something shifted for you in a yoga class? I remember just like it was yesterday... It was just me and a bunch of white

What does SELF CARE look like to you?

 Balance is not a destination. It is a verb. It is in flux and action. ⠀ I am always balancing.⠀ As a mom, I contemplate what actual self-care looks and feels like. Before #motherhood, it was pedis and naps. Now,

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