Meditation Bundles

Feel centered, in flow and present to the magic of Life that surrounds you

Mindful Meditations & Breathwork

Guided Meditations, breath techniques & hypnobirthing to help you stay calm, present and relaxed for a healthy pregnancy & empowered birth

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Chakra Ascension Meditations

Balance and elevate through each of the 8 Chakras to help you feel connected and aligned with a Higher Consciousness

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Essentials Meditations

Whether you’re brand new to meditation or a life-long practitioner, listen to these simple and powerful daily meditations to help you reduce worry, feel centered and at ease, so you can be fully present to the joy that surrounds you  

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Meditations for Better Sleep

Enjoy 7 meditations to help you relax your body & mind, so you can rest, renew and receive all of the healthy benefits of a good night’s sleep.