It’s day 3 of #selfKINDNESSproject. How are you feeling so far?
A few months ago, my best friend wanted to make a pact that we move our bodies for 30 minutes, 6 days a week. 30 minutes! My stomach turned in anxiousness. I hadn’t moved my body for 2 months. So, I put yesterday’s challenge to work and lovingly said no.
Movement is important for our physical and mental health, but I needed to do it in a doable way where I would feel successful so I could continue the habit.

Small wins, done consistently, create lasting change.
Today’s challenge is to move your body in an intentional way that feels good to your body for any amount of time.
If you have 10 minutes to lay in bed scrolling through your email, you have 5-10 minutes to move your body. And bonus – every fitness instructor is pretty much online these days, so it’s super easy to find a coach to help you get motivated!
The good news? You can stop putting pressure on yourself to meet an unrealistic goal and then beat yourself up when you don’t keep your promise.
Make the habit SO EASY that you feel successful and want to keep going! Just 5-10 minutes of movement each day, my friend, and you get to choose how you want to move.
If you’re feeling energized, go for a run or do a home HIIT workout. If you’re already feeling depleted and have had your 3rd cup of coffee, try 10 minutes of slow yoga or yin stretching or just even 10 pushups.
How you move is totally up to you. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Don’t put a time limit on it – just move in an intuitive way that will honor your body.

It’s scientifically proven that when you exercise and move your body, you release endorphins helping you reduce stress, boost immunity, improve your memory, have more energy, be stronger, sleep better, have better sex, slow the aging process and improves your mood.
WOW, so why don’t we do it regularly again?

Because it’s hard, and new! Change is challenging, and we’ve been dealing with a lot of hard and new things this year.
When you think of being kind to yourself, it doesn’t just end with your thoughts and self-care actions. Movement is being kind to your body, physically and mentally.


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