It’s the Holiday Season, a time where you may be feeling a lot of emotions from pure excitement to anxiety, sadness, exhaustion and stress.

It’s a time where emotions run high and you can be easily triggered.

We’ve all got someone in our family who triggers us and turns us into our worst selves!

You know the ones… the uncle who gets too drunk …or the aunt who freely gives her opinions when you clearly don’t want them …or the ignorant cousin who LOVES to start political arguments with only his opinions in mind.

So how are you going to survive the Holiday Season AND mindfully stay in alignment with your Highest Self?

1. Set boundaries in advance. You don’t have to be a dictator or be mean about your boundaries. That’s just being the spark for a burning fire. But setting boundaries actually affords you more space and love. When you can love yourself and show up FOR YOURSELF, you can then also show up for others. You don’t have to be AT everything, DO everything and BE there for everyone. Ask for help. What works for you? How can you kindly communicate this?

2. Take Time for Yourself. Just like a car, when you don’t fill up your gas tank, you’re running on empty and you’ll eventually break down. Fill up your tank so you can be present to those you love and take in the special moments.

3. Drop the story + the drama. When you don’t have quiet time, the mind will run frantic and will pull you down into storylines and drama. Everyone has their own opinion of a circumstance. There’s your story, the other person’s story and there are facts. The facts are the only truth. Quiet your mind. Breathe deeply. Drop the story and drama. See this moment exactly as it is. You’ll be more at peace when you do.

4. Be okay with how you’re feeling now. You don’t have to fake being joyful and jolly because it’s the Holidays. You also don’t have to be grinch. When you take time (even 5 minutes) to yourself, tune into how you’re feeling. Literally put your hand on your heart and ask “How is my heart feeling now?” You can be both grateful and sad. You can experience and allow yourself to experience myriad feelings.

5. Ask: What do I need now? Get quiet, Tune In, Listen. Your soul is your internal GPS guiding you to your next steps and then the next steps. Honor how you’re feeling and your experience. Take each step one at a time.

The Holidays are stressful because there are a lot of people with different opinions, personalities and backgrounds coming together with their own baggage,  judgements and expectations.

When you are nicer to yourself, you can be nicer to others.

We cannot change others.

Change begins with you!

Happy Holidays,

much love,

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