They say that if you DON’T want to change, don’t do yoga. Do you remember that moment something shifted for you in a yoga class?

I remember just like it was yesterday… It was just me and a bunch of white haired men. The class was called gentle yoga. We never even got off the floor. I didn’t know why I was there on a friday at 11am, but something called me to do something different than my 20-min cardio workout and come to my mat to slow down. ⠀

The teacher led us in an open awareness meditation by counting our breath. For the first time, I witnessed the craziness of my mind. I didn’t know how to stop it. I had just called off my marriage. We had sold our dream home. He had moved to New York.

I was alone.

I was scared.

I was lost.

I lay in savasana in a pool of tears until everyone exited the room. She was waiting for me. Embarrassed, I stammered an apology for crying in her class. The teacher gently put her hand on my shoulder, kindly looked into my eyes and said with a buddha-like tone, “You are ready.”⠀

I didn’t know what she meant. All I thought was, “Dang, yogis are WEIRD!”

But that was the start of my yoga journey and transformation, which all lead me here to YOU. ⠀

How did you discover yoga? What does yoga mean to you?

I would love to hear from you on my POST  


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