This podcast is broken into two parts because shadow work is a very deep and huge part of awakening to our true nature. Shadows are the parts of our personality that we hide, so we put on masks to show we are perfect. Society has groomed us to search outside ourselves for validation, keeping us in a cycle of striving for something in the future to make us happy or being stuck ruminating in the past. We are taught to never be satisfied, to believe this moment is not enough, and that you are not enough. We strive to be special so we hide parts of ourselves we deem unlikable or unacceptable, behind masks.  We feel broken and search outside ourselves for validation and love, when what we are searching for is already within us. Being authentic is special enough. It’s only through awakening and consciousness can we live in the moment, accept what is, learn to be okay with the ordinary in order to see the extraordinary in the ordinary that we can return to our whole, true authentic self and love.
There is so much to share about shadow work. Today you will learn:

  • what a shadow is
  • how to discover your shadows
  • how they can harm you
  • how to learn the gift from your shadows
  • how to break free from any bad cycles and conditions
  • how to integrate your hidden parts of your personality back into your whole self.

When you mindfully come from a place of love rather than hate, and courage instead of fear, abundance instead of scarcity, you can be more compassionate and gentle with yourself and with others. Embrace your imperfections, vulnerability, authenticity, and the entire world within, and you will be free to create the whole, joyful and abundant life of your dreams. Your work is not to be perfect, but to be free. To be authentic. To be whole. To be loved. To be awake.