I took a whole day to self-reflect and journal for my intentions and desired dreams for 2021, and it was powerful.

This year has been a wild ride, filled with a lot of disappointment, loss, and pivoting. It’s probably unearthed a lot of emotions that you’ve had to work with too.

This blog is about elevating your emotional state to obtain your desired dreams.

If you want a certain outcome, your emotional state must match that desired energy. They have to be at the same vibrational energy.

You’ll learn how to have to have a clear intention + elevated emotional state so you can reach your desired outcome and how you want to feel.

When you have a clear intention along with an elevated emotional state, you’re in better alignment with receiving your higher desired outcome and feeling.

In preparation for my upcoming virtual workshop on Setting Your Intention based on your desired feelings for 2021, I invite you to contemplate these questions:

What do you want to feel?

What do you want to achieve/receive?

What state do you need to be in to match that vibration?

What you’re thinking and how you are emotionally will guide your actions and beliefs. To manifest your desired outcome, your energy needs to be at the same level as your desired outcome.

How do you get there?

Carve out some sacred time to get quiet and tune in. Especially right now, with the holidays and end of the year, life can be really busy. When you’re busy and stressed, these are not in alignment with higher vibrational energy of clarity, joy, presence, abundance and gratitude.

The more you have quiet time, the better you get to know your mind and patterns, befriend yourself and attune to your soft powerful wisdom within.

You have all the answers within you.

Get clear on what you want. Reflect on your energy. Is it at the same vibrational energy of what you desire? If not, craft a list of small and large action items to get there. Not just goals or tasks, but ways for you to get quiet, feel at ease and experience more joy.

Joy is our birthright. Tap into those things that bring you more softness and clarity.

If you want to dive deeper, join me on December 20th for a virtual workshop or soulful yoga, meditation and deeper inquiry to design your 2021 desired dreams and how you want to feel. This will be powerful and potent time for you to release what’s not serving you and call in and manifest your intentions for the new year. If you’re unable to make it, you’ll be able to receive a recording after. The investment is just $35. Reserve your spot at audreysuttonmills.com

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