Have you ever been so far into procrastination that the task at hand feels overwhelming and unattainable?

Especially during the year, our political, environmental and societal climates have been unsettling and scary and have consumed our attention. We’ve experienced a lot of anxiety and uncertainty which makes it hard to stay inspired. We may be working from home, and it’s hard to stay motivated when the fridge and bed are a few steps away from your workspace. We have a lot more on our plates. Life gets in the way of being consistent with our habits we want to build and goals we want to accomplish.

Many of you know I’m writing a book. This is by far the hardest goal I’ve set out to accomplish. I’ve had a lot of valid excuses for not getting up early to write consistently.

Here’s the rub: I’m 3 weeks late on getting my 17 pages to my writing coach. I have to rush and complete them in the next 3 days if I want to get back on track. I’m overdue for my writing goals and have gotten out of the habit of my morning writing ritual.

I’m getting further and further behind, and now the task at hand feels impossible. I’ve made the story so big in my head, it feels crushing. To make it all worse, I’ve been retelling this story for the past week, which doesn’t help me get motivated or inspired.

If this resonates with you, you have a choice of how to reframe the story to serve you.

Instead of focusing on that story, I can reframe it by taking it one step at a time. Instead of waiting for inspiration to find me, I can empower myself to seek inspiration by taking intentional action. There is no such thing as writer’s block. I’m blocking myself by eating fudge cake and binge watching Emily in Paris.

Author Ann Lamont shares in her book Bird by Bird, about a one inch square Polaroid photo and just focusing on writing about the little photo inside that frame, instead of putting pressure on yourself to write the entire novel. Just paint that one inch picture in detail.

Same goes for Life goals. Wanting to lose 20 pounds can feel overwhelming, but committing to yourself to move for 10 minutes a day feels much doable.

Take your goal in small baby steps and do it consistently. Little by little.

When I shifted my perspective to that, I looked at the calendar and I’ve got 20 weeks to go before baby arrives. That’s 140 days. If I write one page a day, my shitty draft will be complete. Just one page a day. not 17 pages by Wednesday. That feels so doable.

You can use the same approach, if you’re stuck in procrastination to create healthy habits that serve you and get any task done.

Instead of doing what you normally do to avoided discomfort, and letting the task pile up or waiting for motivation, harness inspiration by taking intentional action now, and do it consistently.

This can be applied for any habit you want to cultivate or complete any task, whether it’s paying your bills, and not letting the bills stack up until the last minute, staying on top of your finances and doing your budget weekly or monthly instead of at the end of the year, feeling more energized, so you commit to a habit of going to bed 15 minutes early or drinking an extra glass of water each day.

This perspective of taking it in a small, easy and doable steps can be used for big goals like starting a business, creating a course, getting a degree, or changing careers.

Take your goal one easy step at a time.

So this week’s mantra is take it one step at a time, one very doable step at a time, and do it consistently.

I’d love to hear what your goal is that you want to create. Let me know how this has helped motivate and inspire you on my blog or on instagram

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See you next week on Soul School with Audrey. Remember you are enough and you matter!