I hosted my yoga retreat in Napa a few weeks ago, and one of the guests asked us what our low and high for the weekend was. I thought this was a great question to ask each day or week, so I’m inviting you to ask it for yourself this week too to help shift your perspective to gratitude and appreciation.


My low for the retreat was going for a jog and within 0.10 miles my bladder felt like it would explode. It just wouldn’t be inappropriate to pee in a bush. Not a bad low for the weekend!


My biggest high was on our last night together, where we were all inappropriately not social distancing, sandwiched on an outdoor L-shape couch cozied up by the fire pit and heat lamps drinking wine. Maggie called this the cuddle puddle. Time stood still for me as I watched the women smiling and laughing.


I had a moment of deep gratitude for this human connection. I realized how much I miss this. We need human connection. We are hard wired for it. 


That weekend of laughter, crying and connecting made me feel normal again.


Although most of my yoga business, in person teaching and all of my yoga events and workshops have been canceled this year,  I feel a deep sense of gratitude for having such great people at all of my events, and especially grateful for being able to host this retreat. I’ve always had wonderful people on my retreats, and each one is a unique and special experience, and it’s honestly because of the people. 


I’m getting nostalgic here, but where this is going is that I know right now, during this pandemic and quarantine our usual outlets of connecting look different, but we can still find that deep connection to each other and especially to ourselves. 


What can you do for yourself to feel connected again?


And if you love the question of what’s you low and high point, ask yourself that tonight to help put things into perspective.


2020 may be one of the lowest of low years, but you can still find your high. And that high can still be pretty darn good.


Share with me what’s yours? I’d truly love to know!


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See you next week on Soul School with Audrey. Remember you are enough and you matter!