Welcome to day 2 of #selfKINDNESSproject
This challenge is NOT to put MORE tasks on your plate. The intention is to take things OFF your plate so you can renew and come home to yourself.
In addition to yesterday’s 5-minute morning ritual, ask yourself:

What can I remove this week to honor myself? 

We’ve been dealing with this pandemic and uncertainty⁠ for almost 8 months with no end in sight. You’ve found a new normal only for it to change again.
It can be exhausting to keep trying to find your ground.
You’re holding a lot, friend, and you’re wearing a lot of hats! 
In addition to you regular jobs and roles, you’re now the teacher, caretaker, house cleaner, chef and so much more!
I see you! You’re doing a great job⁠ of keeping it all together⁠, staying upbeat⁠, being there for everyone⁠, doing everything⁠, all while keeping a smile on your face.⁠

You’re pouring yourself into others, but what about your own cup?
The self-care we’re seeking, especially during times of chaos,
is a practice that brings peace of mind and a sense of calm.
⁠I get it. It’s hard to slow down ⁠when you have so much ⁠on your To-Do list⁠. The thought of taking time to slow down⁠ may even make you feel more anxious!

Refilling your cup is ESSENTIAL⁠ because you’re pouring yourself into others.⁠
⁠When I feel⁠ overwhelmed⁠, depleted⁠, exhausted⁠ and uninspired⁠, it’s a sign I need to set a boundary.
Setting a loving boundary about your time can do wonders to free up your time. If you’re a people-pleaser like me, it’s hard to say no to someone.


Saying “no,” in a kind way, is the most honest and loving thing you can do for the other person and for yourself, so you can show up more fully when you do say “yes” to something.

What can you remove off your plate this week, even if it’s something small like saying no to a meeting, pushing a call to next week, asking your partner for help with the chores or telling your toddler “mommy needs to go potty by herself.” (This one hits close to home)



👉 WHAT can you say NO to this week so you can say YES to yourself?
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