I’m so excited you’ve giving yourself kindness and personal care to fill your cup. I’ll be right along with you cheering you on and supporting you, because times have been tough and you deserve to feel grounded, renewed and connected to yourself.

Welcome to day 1 of #selfKINDNESSproject
Today’s challenge is to carve out 5 minutes (preferably in the morning) to connect with yourself, free from distractions or screens.
This sacred time is simply to be with yourself, check in and begin the process of listening to your inner knowing.

Creating a RITUAL is important to help ground you when you feel untethered. Your sacred ritual could look like drinking your tea or coffee by yourself without your phone or computer, journaling, or reading poetry or simply closing your eyes, breathing deeply for 3 cleansing breaths and checking in with how you’re doing and setting your intention for the day.

Your morning sacred time sets the intention for the rest of your day.
You’re always giving of yourself, and you’re probably the last to give to yourself. Plus, you’re wearing a lot of hats and have a lot of responsibilities, now more than ever. 
Self-care may seem like just another To-Do task to check off.  

When we’re busy, it’s easy to say, “Oh, I’ll find time later to read, exercise or meditate,” but then Life happens and it’s 8pm – you’re exhausted and depleted. The idea of giving to yourself now looks like pouring another glass of wine and zoning out on Netflix, again.
There’s nothing wrong with catching up on your fav series, but in a time where you’re feeling pulled in so many directions, carving out 5 minutes in the morning to connect to yourself is crucial.

And you know this truth: when you show up for yourself, you can show up better for those you love.

It never feels good to snap or lash out or show up half way for others while multitasking and distracted in your mind. You’re not alone. We’ve all done it, especially during this quarantine.

We’re all squeezed and don’t have our usual outlets to release stress.

The only way to feel grounded is to create some intentional alone time to reconnect with yourself, feel calmer so you can consciously respond vs unconsciously react. 

But just 5 minutes, Audrey, really?

YES! Small and super easy wins create lasting habits that you can build on from there.

A 30-minute ritual may seem like a far stretched fantasy right now, but with consistent 5 min sacred time each morning, you will feel more grounded and connected to yourself. You can show up from your best self.


Take a photo of what you’re doing and share on IG or FB!
Be sure to use #selfkindnesschallenge and tag me @blissfulaudrey so we can all support each other!