Welcome to Mantra Monday where in 5 minutes or less, I offer you an intention or a quote to start your week off right. Before we begin, I’d like to thank you for being here and reviewing and sharing this podcast. By doing so, it helps others find me, so I can continue doing this and connecting with you!

Today’s inspiration comes from a student in my soul school online course, which p.s. starts up again in January 2021.

Week 4 of Soul School is about curating self-love, and one of the tools is to celebrate yourself.

I was surprised to learn many of the students in Soul School were unsure of how to celebrate themselves and had difficulty doing this.

When we had our group call about what ways do you give yourself self-love, a soul school student said he asks himself “what would someone who truly loved themselves do or say to themselves?”

I thought this was really profound.

Yeah, we can learn tactics for building self-love, which I’m all about, but sometimes we get stuck of how to actually put these tools into practice. It’s tough to rewire our brain patterns.

I love this question that my student offered, because it relates to everything we do in life and how we relate to ourselves.

So, although we may understand components of self-love, like it’s important to forgive yourself, be compassionate to yourself or kind to yourself, but we get stuck on HOW do you actually do it consistently?

This week’s mantra is “what would someone who truly loved themselves do?”

If you’re feeling down, and want to B-line to the pantry, ask “what would someone who loved themselves do?” EH-HEM, I’m pretty much talking to myself and fat-kid freddy here. Someone who truly loved themselves wouldn’t numb. They would instead be with their feelings and fuel their body.

If you notice your itty-bitty-shitty-committee is super loud, belittling and criticizing you, ask “what would someone who loved themselves say to themselves?” This can shift the words you say silently to yourself so that you give yourself the support you need.

If you’ve been recycling a past story, ask “what would someone who loved themselves do?” This will help you bring awareness that rumination isn’t healthy, hey – this story is in the past, and to love yourself means to be present and move forward, friend!

Remember back in the day when kids would wear the WWJD bracelets? What would Jesus do? It’s like that. Each time you come into conflict with yourself, just ask WWSWLTD (what would someone who loved themselves do) – okay, way too long, but you know what I mean!

Let me know on my blog how this week’s mantra Monday is helping you curate more self-love! Thanks so much listening and reviewing this podcast. I’m so happy you’re here!

If you want to dive in a little deeper, join me in October for the SELF LOVE LAB – a pilot program to help you curate self-love. Sign up on my website audreysuttonmills.com to be the first to know!

Remember you are enough and you matter!