In episode 94, I shared how connecting to your inner child is a potent way to build your self-love muscle and that self-forgiveness through inner child bonding can be really healing.

Today I’ll guide you through a short meditation to connect to your inner child. You can do this daily and create a daily ritual of loving yourself and nurturing yourself. Before we begin, you will need a comfortable place to sit and relax and a childhood photo of you when you were age 7 or younger.

Inner child work can be really triggering and emotional. In this meditation, allow yourself to be kind to yourself, so if you are highly triggered by an event or a person in your childhood, take some time to step away so you don’t feel too much pain, get overwhelmed or shut down. Imagine you’re just dipping your toe in the water, instead of jumping right in. You can revisit it when there is space and those boiling emotions can be at a simmer and soften allowing for healing.

When you’re triggered, feel angry, deep grief or resentment, it’s okay to be angry or upset, but I invite you to focus on your own healing rather than getting caught up in the story or blaming another person.

Whether you had a tough childhood or a positive one, there will still be wounds in you that you as an adult can heal, because that little child still exists within you.

Okay let’s begin.

If feeling anxious, put your feet on the floor, rub your hands gently or rub your hands on your thighs. If you’re feeling calm, and want to connect, place hands on the heart or softly on top of each other or on resting on your lap.

Please look at the Photo of yourself when you were a child. With eyes closed or looking at your child photo, connect to that sweet, pure, innocent and good child that still exists within you.

Take 3 deep breaths.

  • ASK: How are you feeling?
  • Label the feeling or emotion
  • LISTEN: What do you need me to know to support you? What do you need me to do for myself to take care of you? Let go of your mind trying to control the story.
  • At the end of your meditation, look at your photo and silently or out loud, say “You are safe, enough and loved.

Self-love is a verb. It’s the nurturing of your spirit.
It’s listening to yourself, your internal GPS and generously listening.
It’s this quiet listening that builds trust, confidence and love

You have the power to love and heal yourself. No one can do it for you.

I hope this mediation to connect with your inner child begins to shift your mindset towards being kinder, and gentler and nurturing to yourself.

If you would like to explore inner child bonding deeper, please join me in a virtual workshop on August 9th from 4-6pm pst, for deep stretch yin yoga and inner child bonding, and stay tuned for a special pilot program I’ll be announcing in a few weeks – details HERE!

Thank you for taking a moment to review this podcast and share it so others can heal their inner child. Remember, you are enough and you matter!