Last week the mantra Monday’s intention was to be aware of when you self-sabotage.

This week’s intention is to learn from resistance.

Why do we resist what we know will help us?

For example, you know eating healthy and moving your body is good for you, physically, mentally and emotionally, but you’re in resistance to something that will benefit you.

In my soul school online course, a few of the women shared that they loved each week’s coursework, but they were resistant to watching the next week’s course and doing the work. They know how it was benefiting their lives, they were feeling more confident, positive and loving towards themselves, so why after a few weeks, were they resistant to something that made them feel good about themselves?

We all resist what we know is good for us, because change is hard.

That comfortable path is well worn and easy, even if we don’t want to be on that path.

Progress is messy and uncomfortable.

It’s going to take effort and time to create a new path. That’s why we’re in resistance.

We fight it because our nervous system is dysregulated and overwhelmed. We’re not used to being balanced. We’re used to feeling stress, overwhelmed, busy. A stressed system is what it’s used to, that’s why change is so hard.

So, when we feel overwhelmed in our body, mind, and spirit, this turns into resistance to change and transformation.

But what if resistance is a clue that you’re on the brink of a breakthrough?

Like you’ve been climbing through a forest and you’re about to quit. It’s hard and challenging, but what if there was a sign that said, “hey you, just around the corner you’re gonna see the most amazing view!”

Would you keep going?

Resistance is that sign, momma!

This week’s mantra is: “I’m in resistance because I’m about to transform.”

When you start to feel overwhelmed and are in resistance:
1. Place your hands on your body that feel tight or need loving energy.
2. Take 3 deep belly breaths to help you drop out of your mind and into your body.
3. Identify resistance in your thoughts and agitation in your body.
4. HONOR YOUR BODY through POWER OF CHOICE. Differentiate between the body and mind resistance. My body and mind will have an old response to triggers when activated, but you can choose a new path by practicing awareness, deep breathing, being with sensation/emotions and choosing the next step to how you want to feel.

Our triggers and old reactions don’t go away.

But the more you practice, you will build your awareness muscle and will begin to regulate your nervous system.

The more you practice sitting at the edge of resistance, being with it instead of running away from it, and learning from it and listening for the next steps, the more confident and trusting you will get in your ability to move through it.

Has this helped you? Please let me know! And connect with me on Instagram.