I thought this was perfect timing to have Andrea on the show because we are all experiencing collective trauma with this pandemic, which can trigger past feelings and experiences of loss and grief.

Andrea Wetterau is a licensed therapist and certified yoga teacher in Seattle, WA, specializing in treating eating disorders, trauma, and perinatal mental health.

On the podcast, she shares her traumatic birth story and postpartum where she thought she would die from 3 different times of hemorrhaging.

Andrea explains Trauma does not just have to be something big, like a death, or having an illness or experiencing a disaster.

Trauma is anything that creates a negative response in your body and mind. It happens when we feel we don’t have control or agency in our lives.

Andrea shares that trauma is like a linen closet. Each piece of beautifully folded linen represents a memory. When you experience trauma, you ball up that piece of linen and shove it in the closet, but every time you open it, it falls on you. Using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, you basically take out that wadded linen/your trauma memory, open it, let it breathe, and then fold it so it fits back into your closet. Trauma doesn’t go away but can be processed and healed.

Through EMDR therapy, awareness, and giving yourself a ton of compassion, you too can heal. I hope you find a bit of comfort in today’s podcast. Please let me know in the show notes, and as always thank you for sharing with anyone who could benefit.

You can connect with Andrea at https://www.wetterauwellness.com

Listen to the Podcast: