This shelter-in-place has been
a unique and important time
to not let this crisis go to waste
and tune in to learn Life’s lessons.

This pandemic created
uncertainty and anxiety
as we all searched for our ground.

After how ever many weeks
you’ve been quarantined,
you’ve found your footing
and a new normal.

Maybe we’ve had to find that new normal again…and again.

Honestly, I’ve been on the brink of several meltdowns!?

Although we’ve become
more comfortable
with being uncomfortable,
we’re looking forward to curating
what our new “normal” looks like
as we step out into the world!

My friend and goal coach, Jacki Carr posted this question this week as States and businesses begin to re-open:

How are you going to re-open yourself?

With the full moon tonight, it’s divine timing for self-inquiry and release.

I’ve been reflecting on what I want to leave behind and what I want to commit to as I emerge from my hole:

What will you leave behind?
The busyness in my
outer and inner world.

I want to leave behind keeping score
so I can appreciate those in my life,
let go of fear and worry
to be more present (free from storylines),
less scrolling and more deep connecting.

What have you learned and appreciate about yourself?
This alone time has shined a light
on my dark shadows
and my habit tendencies
to numb and blame.

Because there’s no escape or outlet,
I’ve had to turn the mirror in on myself.


I learned, though,
it’s better to be vulnerable,
do the inner work,
have tough conversations
and show up from your higher self of
honesty, compassion and love.

What’s your commitment?
I’m committing to continue to
appreciate the simplicity
of everyday joys of life –

deep conversation,
dinner with loved ones,
reading a book that speaks to your soul,
watching the sunset
finding gratitude more often.

This pandemic has shown me that
we are much more resilient,
empathetic and kinder
than we give ourselves credit.

Soul Friend, we’re getting through this!


And guess what?

You are stronger
and bolder for it!

Over the next few weeks,
I’ll share some deeper lessons
I’m learning in the hopes
they resonate and heal you too.

What are you committing to?

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