Last week Jake and I had a 3-hour lunch date with our close friends. We were knee deep in soulful discussion, when there was a moment of resistance in the conversation.

I wasn’t feeling like I was being heard, so I kept pushing my point, instead of listening and holding space for a new perspective.

When I’m in alignment with my True Self, I am engaged and connected.

But when I’m aligned with my Ego, my shadow self takes over and I’m a know-it-all and can be bossy and condescending.

TBH, I was listening just enough to get my next word in and make my point.

I wasn’t TRULY listening to understand HER.

I’ve struggled with this since I was a child and talk a lot to feel important and to feel seen and heard.

In order to heal our present selves, we have to heal our past selves.

We all have a desire to feel seen.

It’s our innate human desire to feel significant.

To feel seen, first SEE the other person.

To feel heard, LISTEN.

*|FNAME|*, I hope this message resonated with you today.

I’m grateful that you are in my life! I see you!

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