In #MFDecadeinReview (part #2), Marie Forleo asks us to look at what we are willing to let go of:

· Goals or projects you’ve had on your To-Do list for far too long
· Resentments and emotional baggage
· Habits or beliefs that don’t serve you

It sounds rational to let go of the things that no longer serve us, so why is it so difficult to LET GO?

We are human and our Ego needs to stay in control. The idea of “letting go” is difficult for most of us, because it means we have to go into a place of uncertainty.

What’s interesting is that I had a hard time with the 1st question. I’ve had a goal for the last 5 years to be back at my weight when I lived in Florida – 15 lbs lighter than I am now! My tan, bikini body packed on some winter pounds when we moved to Seattle.

My Ego is holding on so tightly to the goal of looking like I did when I worked out every day (sometime twice a day), ate acai bowls and drank green juice at the beach. This may seem superficial to you, but body image is REAL and individual to each of us. I had a lot of shame show up when I wrote this post because my goal and how I spoke to myself was so superficial and mean.

Honestly, though, this goal had a choke-hold on me. It made me feel worthless and undisciplined.

This just created more shame.

When I realistically looked at this goal, though, I realize things have changed. I have changed. I have a baby. I’m older. My lifestyle is different and honestly, getting into bikini shape with 6-pack abs isn’t high on my priority list.

So, why do I give myself so much sh!t over it and beat myself up?

So, I’m letting go of this “goal”, and continuing with my current goal of moving my body 5 times a week in any way that feels good. This goal makes me feel ALIVE and HEALTHY, and I can drop the baggage of needing to be perfect.

It’s scary to let go of “control” because we feel groundless and uncertain. Our ego hates that. So it clings to anything, even habits and beliefs that don’t serve you, because it’s what we KNOW – it’s our comfort zone.

The thing is, when you’re trying to control everything, you’re in resistance to life and what you’re supposed to be experiencing.

I’m letting go of my expectation of what I “should” look like, and instead focusing on feeling healthy and being “good” to my body. This mindset serves me in a positive way both mentally and physically.

When you can let go of the things that no longer serve you, you are now free to BE… Right here… In this moment.

So bye-bye perfectionism! Hello, feeling ALIVE and FREE!

What are YOU releasing this year?

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Expectation is the root of all heartache”– William Shakespeare