Usually, I prepare for some New Year’s resolutions and review the year, but because we’re entering a whole new decade, I’m doing a Decade in Review to ad see how far I’ve come!

I think 2020 is going to be a powerful year!

Just 10 years ago on New Year’s Eve, I was on the dance floor at Garfinkel’s in Whistler with my ex-husband and 20 of our closest friends. As the DJ counted down for the New year, “5-4-3-2..” I yelled over the music, “I want a divorce!”

Maybe you don’t know this story about me. It’s one of my lowest moments!

At that time, I was going through a major crisis and my life was quickly unraveling. Now, as I reflect on the past 10-years, I can see I was actually stepping into the person I was meant to be. I know who I am and I get to live my purpose every day!

The next 10-years would be a wild and beautiful ride!

In 2009, I was living a fast-entrepreneur life, with 100 employees, 8 real estate offices, and I drove a mercedes and lived in the cutest Spanish Bungalow. But I was eating fast food 8-10x a week (a WEEK!), my hair was falling out, I wore plastic boots on my feet because I had severe plantar fasciitis and moved like a 90-year old man. I was self-medicating with sleeping pills, wine and lots of coffee. I was completely unconscious, unhealthy and unhappy.

Present day Audrey cannot even fathom 2009 Audrey!

Wow, what a difference 10 years makes!

In the past decade: 

  • I had the courage to leave a career where I had everything externally but was a shell of a human in order to follow my heart and live my purpose of helping others know they are enough and they matter.  Truly, I wake up EVERY DAY and my heart sings because I get to live my passion…plus I get to travel around the world and connect with cool people LIKE YOU!
  • I have ALWAYS had low self esteem, and through years of self-healing and soul tools, I now know I am enough. I get to help others know their worth too.
  • healed my broken heart and found the love of my life. I beat myself up for years because I divorced a nice man who loved me. Guilt and shame shadowed me for years keeping me stuck in believing that I was not deserving of love and was destined to be alone. It’s been a lot of work and bravery to face my shadows and habits that weren’t serving me and step into the person I was meant to be in order to attract the love and the life  I always wanted.
  • I do my best to embody my strength that I can overcome any challenge: a divorce, a miscarriage, a cancer scare, my dad’s death and giving birth to my daughter (all within 2 weeks of each other).
  • …just to hit some of the high points from the last 10-years 🙂

You are a powerful force, and I would LOVE to hear your story!

If you would like to join me in your Decade in Review, reflect on the past 10-years of your life, get quiet and journal:

  1. What are you most proud of and why?

  2. What lessons are most important and why?

Once you’ve journaled, PLEASE share with me!

Psychologist and computer scientist J.C.R. Licklider said, “People overestimate what can be done in one year, and underestimate what can be done in ten.”

I’m taking Marie Forleo’s Decade In Review, a free 3-part video series that will use the untapped wisdom of your last decade to help you make the next ten years your best.

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