In #MFDecadeinReview, @marieforleo asked us to reflect on the past decade: what we are most proud of and why? + what are the biggest lessons learned and why?

I love my family and feel blessed from our experiences together, but I’m a little ashamed to admit that family wasn’t at the top of the list of what I was #mostproudof.

I was surprised that the things I’m MOST proud of weren’t external things at all, like an accomplishment, an accolade or a role.

The things I am MOST proud of were INTERNAL, and typically tied to a lesson I learned about myself.

In the past decade, I’m most proud of:

#RESILIENCE. I experienced a death and a birth within 2 weeks of each other. I wouldn’t say I’m thriving yet, but I survived. Going through the worst and the best thing made me truly appreciate this moment and embody a deeper love as a daughter and mother.

#STRENGTH. I gave birth to a beautiful human. I honestly didn’t think I was strong enough to do it, and I did it! And I even survived #breastfeeding (with a lot of tears)…She’s worth it.

#COURAGE. I had the courage to leave a career where I had accomplished everything externally but was a shell of a human, in order to follow my heart and live my purpose of helping others know they are enough and they matter.

#DESERVING. I healed my broken heart and found the love of my life. Guilt and shame shadowed me for years keeping me stuck in believing that I wasn’t deserving of love and unlovable. It’s been a lot of work to face my #shadows and habits that were sabotaging me and choose to be the person I was meant to be in order to attract the love and the life that I always wanted.

#FAITH. I have faith in myself that I can overcome any challenge: a divorce, a miscarriage, a cancer scare, my dad’s death and giving birth to my daughter.

We don’t have a choice of what happens to us, be we DO have a choice of how we respond and show up in our beliefs, words and behaviors.

Please do this exercise  and share with me:  What lessons are most important and why?

You’ll discover that YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK and you’ve accomplished, overcame and grew SO much this past decade!

Share your top lesson below and most importantly #celebrateyourself!