I viewed the birth process like climbing Mt Everest. The work of pregnancy is the climb up the mountain, with labor at the top.

No one ever told me about the #postpartumrecovery. You still have to make it off the mountain.

When I first saw my pelvic floor therapist, I said “It’s been 2 months – I should be back to normal.” She caught me. There are no SHOULDS in birth and recovery.

Our body can hold on to trauma, even when our mind thinks we have processed it.

We can’t think our way through healing.

In addition to daily #pelvicfloormassage (no it did not feel good), I had to befriend #patience with time to work it’s healing magic and #grace to let go of what I couldn’t rationalize or control.

When you’re in physical recovery, you SEE the results: you see your bone heal, or a wound close, or your six pack abs being chiseled under the flab, but my healing was all unseen, internal, hormonal and energetic.

Our body is wise. It knows what to do. #TRUST

I let go and surrendered to the healing process and trusted the wisdom of my womb. The more I accepted, surrendered and nurtured myself exactly where I was at that moment, the more I discovered a greater appreciation and understanding of my body.

I have a deeper respect for the birth process + postpartum…and all mothers. No journey is the same.

You have to be gently with yourself throughout it all.

And so it is in every aspect of life. You may not want to be where you are. But you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.