Meet Tedx speaker, Megan Gallagher, who has turned her anxiety into purpose now as a mental health advocate for young adults. She’s an author, blogger and a speaker and she’s just 23 years old.

Did you know, one in three teens will feel chronic anxiety? This is an alarming statistic! Today on the Soul School podcast, Megan and I talk about how she turned her pain into her passion to serve others who have anxiety. Megan shares about her experience with panic attacks and gives advice of how you can support your loved ones who may suffer from anxiety and advice to anyone who has anxiety.

I learned so much about how anxiety is affecting our youth. I hope our conversation today can help inspire someone in your life to know they are valued, loved and powerful.

Megan’s advice to parents:

  • Hold space
  • Proactive
  • Patience and loving
  • It’s a whole journey of therapy and love

Steps to help with anxiety

  • Journal to take your thoughts out of your head
  • Get Fresh air – get out in nature to ground you
  • Have morning and nighttime routines
  • Ask for help
  • Be aware
  • Know your triggers to anxiety

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