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 Balance is not a destination. It is a verb. It is in flux and action. ⠀

I am always balancing.⠀

As a mom, I contemplate what actual self-care looks and feels like. Before #motherhood, it was pedis and naps. Now, naps feel like a luxury.⠀

I know I am taking care of myself when I am feel in connection with myself and to others and I feel vibrant and engaged with life…. it doesn’t happen as often as I would like — this part of that whole balancing thing.

It’s asking for help (something I am AWFUL at!?).⠀

Saying NO to things that don’t light me up.⠀

Saying YES to people who do.⠀

I am working on getting  clear on my #priorities and #values because this mama can stray into procrastination real fast.⠀

I Giving myself a LOT of #grace and #love.⠀

Knowing I will ebb and flow from my center, but I have the awareness and power to bring me back to my soul and home.⠀

What does #selfcare look and feel like to YOU???⠀