Balance is not a destination. It is a verb. It is in flux and action.
I am always balancing. As a mom, I contemplate what actual self-care looks and feels like. Before motherhood, it was pedis and naps. Now, naps feel like a luxury.

I know I am taking care of myself when I am feel in connection with myself and to others and I feel vibrant and engaged with life…. it doesn’t happen as often as I would like — this part of that whole balancing thing.

It’s asking for help (something I am AWFUL at!?).

Saying NO to things that don’t light me up.

Saying YES to people who do.

I am working on getting clear on my priorities and #values because this mama can stray into procrastination and overwhelm real fast.

I give myself a LOT of grace and love.

I teach at company retreats and public speaking events about mindfulness and the first part of giving yourself care is:
1. Know what self-care looks and feels like for you. Start with what is important to you. Get clear on how you FEEL when you are connected to yourself and that pulse of feeling alive and engaged in life. WHAT gets you in connection.
2. Once you know your priorities, it all comes back to being mindful so you know when you’re on track or off track.
3. Know your triggers and plan for roadblocks and bumps. Share this with others so they can support you too (example: I can’t find a radio station I like, I get really annoyed and short with people, I’m scrolling online on facebook marketplace or on instagram, or when I keep going back to my pantry to look for something to snack on.) These triggers tell me something is off internally, and I’m searching for something outside myself. These red flags show me that I need to stop, get quiet, and be present to what I need to give myself in that moment.

Getting clear on your values and your priorities helps you care for yourself more. Only do the things that light you up and be with the people who fuel you.

Balance is not a destination. It is a verb. We need to shift the conversation from trying to stay in balance, to that of your priorities. Life is always throwing us off balance. Ebbing and flowing is part of the natural course of life. We shouldn’t feel upset if we are off balance – it is a temporary state.

Knowing your priorities of what is most important to you will always keep you stay in line and connected to yourself.

You will ebb and flow from your center, but you have the awareness and power to bring you back to your soul and home. Awareness creates change. You have the power to heal yourself. You have all of the answers within you to know how to love and care for yourself.