Feelings are your internal GPS system. They are like little signs that are trying to give you direction. Sometime it’s a stop sign, or a turn sign showing you to change your direction, or sometimes it’s a big ole’ red flag. We get over emotional when we get caught up in our feelings and create stories around them. I’m not talking about that today. You know the difference when you’re an emotional wreck over something or someone versus you have a gut feeling, an intuition or a subtle knowing. This is coming from you heart and these feelings are you internal GPS guiding you to the answers.

These feelings will knock at your door until you answer them. Sometimes it’s a subtle knock. Sometimes they will have to break the door down and smack you over the head if you ignore them. You will learn the lesson one way or another. They are a quiet whisper to help guide you to what is missing and what needs your attention.

My invitation to you this week is to get quiet and tune in. When your mind is shouting so loud with chatter, it is difficult to hear the whisper of your heart and soul that is trying to give you the answers, so you must turn down the volume of your thoughts and tune into your heart. Your heart and feelings will guide you if you listen. In Episode 36, I talk about You have all the answers within you. You don’t need to ask other people or ruminate over a situation or person. That just creates more clutter in your mind.

When you get quiet and still in order to hear what your feelings are trying to tell you, the answers will appear. Meditate, get out in nature, journal, take a bath or a walk – be with yourself for a period of time. Trust yourself and attune to what is calling you in your body, mind and spirit. Tuning into yourself and your intuition will build trust with yourself that you have all of the answers within.

Will you do me a favor and let me know if you would like me to expand talking about any of the subjects that we talk about on Mantra Mondays? My sole purpose is to serve you and help lovingly guide you to the topics you wish to hear. So, send me an email, a DM, a text, a smoke signal. I am listening.