I am a big procrastinator. I can take a task and ping-pong it to death, until literally, it’s too late or I’ve lost my momentum and inspiration. There have been so many times I’ve missed a yoga class because the devil and angel on my shoulder were battling it out whether I should go or not, debating all the reasons for or against it. And then, I look at my watch and there’s not enough time to get to the studio. Dang! The decision was made for me.  And worse, I wasted all this time and energy in my head.

If you can resonate with this, you know the grip that procrastination and lethargy have on you. Goals are never met. Experiences you want to do stay on your wish list. This can lead to a major downward shame spiral.

So how do we get out from under procrastination’s grip?


I listened to an incredible podcast with James Altucher yesterday. He featured an interview with Steve Scott, a self-help author who has written over 41 Kindle books in 5.5 years. What the…! How does he find the time?

Scott suggests writing down your top 1-3 action items the night before and do them first thing in the morning. No excuses. Because these items are usually the hardest tasks to do, it’s easy to put them off. Instead of doing the hard stuff, it’s easy to check email, eat food, return calls or check out your social media feed, but then this loops you into your predictable routine. The things you really want or need to do get pushed off until the afternoon, and then you push them off until the next day and so on. Procrastination at its finest.

Tony Robbins says “we major in minor things.” So, if we can flip this around and do this one thing of performing our top 1-3 tasks first thing in the morning, how much more productive and accomplished will we feel? The rest of the day is all yours!

This is very personal to me. I am a sharer of information, a messenger if you will. Creativity is one of my top core values. I love writing and blogging, but never seem to have the energy or time to do it. So, I’m going to do this with you. I am proclaiming it the world, and am going to commit my morning routine to building a habit of creativity by meditating and writing every morning. No if, ands, or buts.  Instead of waiting for inspiration that never happens, I’m going to take this one action and inspiration will show up.

Let’s do this together! What are your 1-3 tasks you will commit to? Share on my blog and how this has helped you.