I went to Napa last weekend for a friend’s wedding, and all us went to the bar afterward, where I noticed a guy. I was really drawn to him. After a half hour, he sat next to me at the bar and we started talking. He used to be an Abercrombie & Fitch model in High School and was an athlete, but he hadn’t been out in public for over three years since his tragic accident. He was sleeping when his house caught on fire. He survived, but every piece of his skin was badly burned. Three years later, he is still in physical therapy because his muscles and ligaments were damaged in the fire. His eyelids and lips were reconstructed, and most of his fingers were burned off.

My heart melted for him, and I was inspired by him. I wondered if I could be so grateful for life if people looked at me like I was a monster? We worry and fret about so much, and here’s this man who is just grateful to be alive and breathing. Take a moment to observe how you have criticized and judged yourself or others. Maybe there’s a story playing in your head, or you’re worrying or obsessing about something small or large. Instead replace it with gratitude. Where there is gratitude, there cannot be anger or resentment.

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