What does it mean to live an abundant life? Do you feel like there is more to the life you’re living? Maybe you’re stuck, or not living to your highest potential. What is stopping you from living the life of your dreams?

In order to manifest your dreams, it’s important to discover what those dreams truly are, based on what is in your heart, not just what’s in your head. Get crystal clear about what you want in your life so the Universe can provide it for you. There may be a void in your soul, because you aren’t following your heart and your passions. This may be job related, something to do with your relationships, or maybe it’s just about becoming a more complete version of you.

Quiet your mind and become still in order to listen to whatever your heart yearns for.  It is much better to find the courage to do the things you want to do and be the person you always knew you could be, than to live in the shadow of fear and to be just a fraction of what you could have been. When you tune into your heart and you align yourself with your purpose, you will live a full and abundant life.

We start out with incredible positive energy, and you’d think that bliss would be our natural state.  But along the way to adulthood, we learn to anticipate and prepare for pain, suffering and disappointment, so we rarely experience true bliss for more than a few fleeting moments, before sliding back into mediocrity, fear, anxiety, anger, defensiveness, misery or apathy – as though there is some kind of glass ceiling that stops us from consistently enjoying a blissful life. Although we really desire happiness, we actually choose to block this light that is always available within us.

Most people do not let themselves expand continuously into a more blissful, joyous and abundant state, because they unconsciously set upper limits on their positive energy.  When you try to go past your perceived upper limit, your unconscious mind and ego will try to stop the flow of positive energy, sabotage your happiness, and pull you back down from a state of bliss.  In fact, however, there is no such glass ceiling or upper limit.

Your ego will fight you – it doesn’t like change.  The hustler needs to blame someone or something else, rather than take responsibility.  It wants to stay in charge and keep you stuck right where you are – even if you’re in pain.  The ego wants to be right, instead of being compassionate.  All too often, our fears keep us stuck in familiar territory, even when it’s not good for us.  However, fear is also like a compass pointing you in the direction in which to heal your suffering.

Your ego, with its fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of change will urge you to stay on your present course (even if you are suffering), but your heart will move you to change direction. Rather than allowing fear to guide you and block this positive energy, instead choose to access this amazing energy by opening your heart and mind to whatever you are currently experiencing. This energy of pure happiness and bliss  is always available to you when you choose to stay open and never close. When you continue to open your heart, this abundant energy will lead you to experience a deeper sense of creativity, love, joy, and gratitude connecting you to your soul’s purpose.

Weekly practice: Become the observer of your feelings, thoughts and sensations. Notice the large and small triggers that make your heart want to close rather than open. Continually choose to be open. Never closing is the path to happiness.

* This blog contains parts from Audrey Sutton’s book The Blissful Bitch due in 2014 *

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