jerry maguire

“You Had Me at Hello…You Complete Me” – Jerry Maguire

Do you remember the famous movie line “You complete me,” uttered by Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire? I suspect that pretty much every girl wants to hear those three words that melted hearts all around the world.  But I think those three words also really messed up a lot of women – thanks Tom! Now every woman is searching for Prince Charming to fix her fragmented heart and “complete” her.

The challenge with looking for something outside yourself (such as a new pair of shoes, sex, drugs, food, or a relationship) to make you happy is that these are external things and they can be fleeting. Nothing outside yourself can complete you. You must do the work to complete yourself by being whole, loving yourself unconditionally, valuing yourself and being happy.

On the matter of relationships, Dr. Deepak Chopra received this tweet: I’m looking for love.  How can I find the right one?  Does he even exist? Dr. Chopra tweeted back: Stop looking for the right one.  Be the right one.

This means if you want a healthy, loving relationship with an amazing person, you need to focus on being worthy of the partner you want to be with.  Being “worthy” doesn’t mean that you need to be perfect, and the concept of worthiness is not particularly quantifiable.  We are all unique, so there is no cookie-cutter description of being worthy, but building a solid foundation by being a whole person, being authentically you, and loving yourself fully will contribute to healthy self-worth and help you become worthy of the person of your dreams.

Building a solid foundation by being a whole person is the starting point on the path to finding and keeping healthy relationships.  So, this is my advice to you – Become worthy of the person of your dreams.

Do the work and go deep within yourself, grow yourself, become a whole and joyful person, and fulfill your life’s true purpose.  Instead of searching for all of those great qualities in someone else in order to make you happy, become happy and fulfilled by being the person you want to date. When you feel good and confident about yourself, you radiate beauty and shine bright.

When you become whole, you are much more likely to attract similarly happy, worthy, and loving people into your life.  Becoming a whole and happy person will lead to healthier relationships, and it will also improve every other part of your life, including your relationships with your family, friends and co-workers, because you will be a healthier, happier, more complete version of you.

Keep working on yourself, keep your eyes and heart open, and be patient. When you become your whole, radiant, badass self, the universe will gift you with the opportunity to be with the person of your dreams. When you are truly prepared and open to the possibility of a relationship, the right person will come into your life. Your romantic life story will unfold as it should.  Stay on your path and trust in the process.

  Weekly Mantra: Write down the qualities that you are searching for in your dream partner. Begin to work on cultivating those qualities in yourself each day and becoming the person of your dreams. Be patient and trust that the more whole and happy you are, the closer you are to finding a person to share this amazing journey of life with you.

* This blog contains parts of Audrey Sutton’s book The Blissful Bitch due out in 2014 *